All About K’motion

What made you set up K’motion Films?

The thought process behind K’motion Films is to ensure there is an outlet for young talent to develop ‘through experience‘. Books are great, as they educate and film courses build confidence whilst imparting ‘know how’, but as film makers you just have to do it and make a film.

If I inspire one child, one youth or one teenager, from any background who gets involved in film making because they were given their first opportunity by kmotion films then I can sleep easy and sleep well.

If I’m giving a talk about film making, I ask only one thing. Dedicate your first film to K’motion Films, that’ll be thanks enough.

K’motion Films actively seeks collaborations with like minded producers, directors, artists and crew throughout the industry.

Where did the name K’motion come from?

I’d love to say it was all my idea but the name K’motion comes from a very good friend who runs a dance company called K’motion Dance.

I loved the name so much, that when I was thinking what I wanted to do in the film industry I knew ‘K’motion’ summed it up. I know to look at me it’s seems unbelievable, but I’ve been known to rock the boat in the past.

So K’motion Films is all about rocking the boat then?

Hmmm good question, K’motion is a play on the word commotion which according to the dictionary definition, means a ‘violent or tumultuous motion; agitation; noisy disturbance’.

What I’d like to do for the next 20 years is shake things up a bit. Are you not bored with the same old films being recycled umpteen times.  Well I am and I have the skill set to galvanise a team of individuals who can make that change happen.

So K’motion Films is more about ensuring the boat changes course, takes a better direction and discovers new horizons, rather than rocking it.

How did you approach getting off the ground?

Put simply I like to take a holistic approach to projects and don’t believe that it is possible to work with people from different disciplines without having some experience of their role.

As this was the case, I went through a programme of training and workshops to ensure I knew every aspect of my business. Plus throwing yourself into projects is a great way to learn quickly.