k’motion films asks the question, what’s your aspiration?
Ours is film making and boy are we inspired.

You dream about mixing sound then
think k’motion films

You score music and its your burning ambition
to compose for a short film then
think k’motion films

If writing is your forte then
think k’motion films

k’motion films aim is to be the magnet for UK underground,
talent to surface, to be discovered and to succeed.

If  your form of expressing your
creativity is editing then
think k’motion films

You are the next undiscovered
wanting to be discovered, then

think k’motion films

You get that great camera shot
you want, each time, all the time, then
think k’motion films

We’ve all got ambition, yet some of us realise it
and others don’t. What’s that all about?

k’motion films actively seeks collaboration from film makers,
film actors, film scriptwriters, film producers, film directors
& so on. Together we can make your ambition come alive,
that’s k’motion films.