The Bio

This bio gives a rare insight into the mind, the man, the maverick, behind K’motion Films.
This is who I am, this is what I do…this is me!

Ian Barnor
Founder of K’motion Films

The Who

I am an independent filmmaker based in the UK and I am currently developing several new projects including Healing Art, TNQ  & Project M4. My way of expressing myself is via film and I trust you will enjoy my work as much as I do.

My aim is twofold: firstly, to make good quality films and secondly, to give others an opportunity to find their true potential through filmmaking.

The Creative

What I’m about to say next may sound bizarre but it’s true! As a person I have always felt creative, just like it’s an emotion, it’s always been part of me and it’s who I am. By not following these creative traits, part of me was always missing. If that sounds familiar, welcome to my world. If it does not, then come join me, it’s a great place to be.

The Discovery

For reasons unknown, I could not pin down where my creative flair belonged and I continued to follow a career in business, amongst other things. This route always led to one conclusion, boredom and frustration!

The search for my creative home eluded me for many years until an unusual sequence of events helped me to rediscover film. The rediscovery of film forced me to return to writing and I then found the natural home for my imagination, creativity and aspirations.

So in conclusion I can only say one thing: I’m in a good place and it’s nice to be home!

The Why

I became involved in film after what can only be described as a life changing experience. What was obvious to me then, and still is now, is that I needed to follow my first love and ‘get creative’.

So that’s exactly what I did. Work had already offered garden leave, so it was the perfect opportunity to make things happen. This was the birth of K’motion Films and the rest is history!

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