Fishing For Ideas

There are a number of analogies in the world, but when it comes to innovation, fishing for ideas just does it for me. We all go fishing from time to time, but when you go fishing in life or in business it really makes a difference.

‘Innovate with confidence’ is a 4-day workshop based on the thinking of Edward de Bono. He is regarded by many in the business world and education sector, as the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.

The ‘Innovate with confidence‘ participants were from varied backgrounds including engineering, consultancy and IT. ┬áThese workshops are part of a pilot scheme which if successful will be rolled out to businesses in the region.

As my focus is film production, the concept of innovating with confidence really appealed to me.

One of the biggest challenges filmmakers face is distributing the final cut to their intended audience.

The four key areas covered in the workshops are:

Day 1: Innovate with confidence
Day 2: Grow customer value in a changing world
Day 3: Make technology work for you
Day 4: Create your future

The workshops have enabled me to approach thinking in a different way, for instance the ability to look at possibilities that would have been previously ignored.

I would actively encourage every individual who reads this to visit Innovate with confidence or Edward de Bono Foundation UK and start fishing now.

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