The Acting

….Actors can make the
unbelievable seem believable

Whereas characters and performances makes a film, great characters and great performances make a movie. Needless to say great performances, make great actors.

Children are the future yet they have an uncanny way to make believe, this is to acting the wholly grail. Having the ability to believe your someone else is what acting is all about.

As writers the more action we write
then the more actors can act.

In-action is a actors nightmare and probably the audiences as well. To really act,  the character must want something but the question is:  how badly do they want it and what are they prepared to do to get it?

The more intriguing the actions,
the more you are asking of the actors performance.

You always know when you have a great character because it comes to life and speaks back to you. When this happens you have a great character, a great actor and will get a great performance.

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