Doritos Shoot: Day 1

It’s the first day of our shoot and it’s with some excitement that I get straight on the phone to our resident actor who is travelling up from Worcester and must be on the 9 am train.

Yes he is on the train and he knows how to get to my home. Thumbs Up. On arrival we do the check list and I establish what’s been left behind.

Now here’s a thing, just supposing you asked someone to be part of a production, in their own time, without pay and then they forgot an item of clothing. What would you do?

I’ve learnt that things always go slightly adrift and so not to worry about them. So my normal stance is “don’t  worry about it as we’ll use something else”  and that’s exactly what we did as he forgot the bright yellow hat, he used in audition.

We arrived at the pick up point and did some last minute prop shopping. On set the actor is put through his paces and gets into character, he’s a natural and is quite content to run through the scenes until we get it right.

Time soon zooms past and then it’s onto the evening shoot which means a change of location. As 7.30 pm approaches my phone starts getting busy, people asking for directions, some last minute apologies (boy I hate that but it’s all part of what we do).

With exact numbers in place, we regroup, reorganise, reschedule and rearrange the what, the when and the how, were going to shoot on limited numbers. Oh the joys of low to no budget filming.

Eventually everyone arrives and we get down to the dance routine, Jess steps to the forefront and takes the reins.

We are soon into the flow of things and getting to grips with what’s required, finally our cameraman is on his way and as soon ashe arrives we kick off.

We are up and running but with quite a few last minute cancellations, we’ve had to creatively shoot to get the crowd effect we wanted. This took up valuable time and that was not something we had in abundance.

Therefore a quick impromptu meeting later and decisions were made on what scenes would stay and which would be cut. Now that’s thinking on your feet.

A big round of applause and many thanks to all involved. Day 2 beckons….

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