Doritos Shoot Day 2

It’s Saturday and Day 2 of the shoot. We all need to be on set by 12 noon. I’ve decided since I’ve arranged the location I would arrive early, only to establish I’m not 100% sure where I’m going. A couple of emergency calls later and I’m in Chorlton, South Manchester.

I nip round to number 22 and I’m greeted warmly and partake in some catch up chit chat. As I’m the Producer my phone is a magnet for telephone calls when things go wrong.  The first call is from the Director and Cameraman to tell me they are running late.  After that the ringing phone is a cue for me to give out directions and instructions of how to find us.

Zoe was first to arrive – one actress down, one to go! I suspect our Zoe had been on the town the night before, but she’s arrived and that’s all that matters. Next up was Becky who contacted me earlier saying she was running late, two out of two so I’m happy.

We are in full conversation when the rest of the crew and cast arrive. Tracey, our lovely host for the day, had prepared bundles of sandwiches and piping hot coffee, so we were all fed and watered before we started.

It was time to shoot. Ash, our Director went through his paces; camera set up, lighting, on-set instructions and then set about capturing the raw footage we need for editing. Within 30 mins we had an audience – it’s funny how a camera can cause so much attention.

Our newly recruited runners, aka on-set audience, became very useful on the slammed door sequence. You don’t have to ask twice when you say to a small group of children ‘who would like to slam the door on my instruction’. As we continued filming the audience got bigger, so we had to change tack and film elsewhere until they dispersed.

As with any shoot things do not go to plan, so with some improvisation and good creative thinking we were able to overcome each challenge as it arose. With the final check of the storyboard the last scene was done and it was off to the local public house to discuss the shoot.

Sometimes the post mortem is more fun than the actual shoot, but you would expect me to say that. Thanks to everyone on the team – those feedback forms are a god send, with them we will only get better.

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