Investment Film Workshop

In readiness for producing a feature film, I have spoken to those who have done it before. Embarking on the motion picture journey can be a daunting task and unless you surround yourself with talent it can be a hard, uphill struggle.

Working to your strengths and ensuring your weaknesses are covered by people who can do those tasks in their sleep, is a good way of minimising failure and increasing the chances of success.

So to prepare for the feature film onslaught, I have signed up for Screen Yorkshire‘s ‘Investment Workshop – the inside track‘.

This has been billed as a means of hearing from those on the front line of providing private and commercial investment to the very best digital content, products and service providers.

Note: There are several sources of finance open to companies and investors that are interested and keen to support new products and services that exploit new technologies. One of these is Channel 4′s 4iP fund, which works alongside partnership funds from Screen Yorkshire.

The two teams have brought together a range of fund mangers to share their experience of working with, and supporting new, creative, products. This all made good reading to K’motion Films, so I could not wait to sign up and book my train ticket.

Screen Yorkshire Biography

Screen Yorkshire’s mission is to inspire, promote and support the development of a successful long-term film, broadcast, games and interactive media sector to enhance the economic, social and cultural wealth of the region. Screen Yorkshire is the regional screen agency – the gateway to the film, broadcast and digital media industries in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

They are based in Leeds and are part of the Regional Screen Agency network which covers the whole of the UK. We are funded by the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward and the UK Film Council.

The speakers include:

Lucy Würstlin – Yorkshire 4iP Commissioner.
Emma Cheshire – Head of Industry Development, Screen Yorkshire.
Melanie Hayes – 4iP Investment Manager (Finance & Investment Overview).
Ed French - Finance Yorkshire (The Regional Landscape; Seedcorn Funding).
Karen Hobson – Development Manager, UnLtd (Mentoring & Coaching Case Studies).
Patrick Bradley – Director, Ingenious Media (Becoming Investor Ready: a VC’s Guide).
Petter Warnsberg – Content & Concept Director, Hyper Island (Leadership & Management).
Andy Tait – Associate Partner, Pembridge Partners (Investment in Games & Mobile: A Case Study).
Angela Pugh & Deborah Fox – Programme Managers, NESTA (The NESTA Creative Business Mentor Network).
Sarah Thelwall – Founder, MyCake (Financials – What should you be aiming for & how is everyone else doing?).

As the list of speakers suggests there is a breadth of industry talent adding value to the film-making cause. Not wanting to run before we can walk, we will reserve judgement on the forthcoming event and report back accordingly. If you are interested register today for Screen Yorkshire‘s ‘Investment Workshop – the inside track‘.

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