Making Films That Matter

There is a lot of glitter, show biz and razzmatazz that surrounds the making of films.

Question: What is it like to make an independent film?
Answer:    As an independent filmmaker it’s damn hard.

Two facts remain prominent when working as an independent filmmaker; lack of a production budget and the killer script. Having either is a good starting place, having neither means you’re doomed.

As an independent filmmaker a good team is essential and this means excluding no-one and including everyone that makes a contribution. At K’motion Films we set about making films that matter by concentrating not only on the subject matter, but also the audience as well as the team.

Subject matter draws people into a project like nothing else, whilst working with your potential audience improves your script. Last but not least, giving people an opportunity to shine ensures the making of a great team.

K’motion Films is currently developing three top notch ideas which are diverse, gritty and appeals to a mass audience. Moving projects through to pre-production is a labour of love, as many projects take months if not years to succeed.

Experience has taught me a project is not up and running right up until you can begin to sign cheques. Now here’s the dilemma, how can you write cheques when you are a ‘low to no’ budget film production company? Put simply, you can’t – but what your can do is make a little go a long way and that’s how you keep a production going and the team enthused.

So making films is not about big egos, lots of money and a huge cast or crew. Making films is about devotion and dedication, which is inseparable to a team that cares and believes in the project as much as you do. Making films that matter is a labour of love and a labour of love is: K’motion Films!

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