The Producer

…..What does a producer do?
Manages just about everything that needs managing.

This includes: people management, money management, ideas management, legal management, contract management.

The Producer organises the crew, the creative dynamics, raises the finance, guides the film to completion and deals with any problems as and when they occur.

The producer from a practical point of view is like a project manager for the duration of the film project. He or she, must keep everyone happy and if the team are not happy then it all goes wrong very quickly.

As the producer you are anticipating what you believe your audience will like as no-one has a desire to make a film that no-one will see.

Being creative and picking the right team is crucial to a producer, finding the script writer, director and leading cast can be do or die decisions.

…. a schedule gives time to the creative
people to be exactly that creative.

Producers are people who get things done or can make things happen. The producer will break down the script into its component parts and the more detailed this breakdown, the more thorough the production schedule.

When making films thinking time costs money, so the more detailed the plan, the better the schedule, the more time you have to think, staying on budget and completing the project on time.

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