This is Cinema

…a big dark room with a projector in the background.
Actually there is more to cinema than that.

Do you want to be a writer? If so,  there is always somewhere for writers to write.  In fact on many occasions you will find me tapping away at a café, park or just wherever and whenever the mood takes me.

If a writer chooses to be outside the production process, there is always somewhere for a writer to write. Just like there will always be directors who know nothing about technology, there are writers who know nothing about production.

Just for the record, we would not rubbish any skill within the film industry as we all play our part. However there are opportunities by taking a little baby step further and learning what the other does. This step can be profound.

If a writer understand editing, then they’ll be a better writer for knowing the: what, where and why an editor edits in the way they do.

A cinematographer who understand writing, will be a better cinematographer knowing how things are put together. And a director who understands all those processes and how they fit together, can only be a better director.

With advances in technology, there is an opportunity of a life time to be more than just a cog in the wheel. Today you can become a media maker. Now that sounds like fun!

So instead of following the restraining structure of Pre Production, Production and Post Production were all used to we can have what elements of Pre, Post and Production, taking place outside of the traditional sequence.

Therefore design can influence the script, music can influence dialogue, location can influence characters and a script is cultivated and influenced by all these factors as things can happen simultaneously.

This is media making at it’s heart, no longer do processes have to be followed just for the sake of it, creativity is just that, creative without constraints.

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