The Writing

….why do we love the cinema so much?
Some say its because we like to be entertained

Others because we like the suspense and there is a final school of thought that says we enjoy watching other peoples problems. It’s makes us feel good.

As film makers its our job to keep the audience with us as we tell a story, that’s intriguing and interesting. Words alone will not keep an audience interested, they need characters, situations and an experience. Therefore we create drama and that inaction or series of actions creates the drama we need.

Drama is tension in the present or tension in the immediate future. Typically characters need to get something, for example in a simple boys meets girl plot, normally the boy cannot get the girl because she is unavailable.

This in itself creates the tension aka drama as we wonder whether he will ever get his girl.

We watch as he antagonises about approaching her, will she ever become available in time for him to pluck up enough courage and if by fate they meet accidentally and both discover each others affections and they kiss.

So writing is structured in so far as, what does the character need or want. How big is that need or want and what obstacles stand in the way?

The bigger the need, the bigger the obstacle, the more intrigued the audience will be to find out what happens next.

To write that great cliff hanger then you need to become a great writer. However it’s not all about dialogue there is so much more to a great script than dialogue.  The only way you can write a great script is to write scripts in the first place.

To improve your writing then write, then re-write, then re-write again. The point being the only way you improve your writing is to start writing in the first place.

The more you do the more you improve, until one day someone in a suit will pay you a considerable sum for doing just that writing. Esta es bein!

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