Scriptwriters Conference

Bolton University are making waves – scriptwriting waves.

Today I attended the Scriptwriters Conference and joined at least one hundred others wanting to listen to the speakers which included:

Abbott Vision: creator of Shameless
Carolyn Reynolds:  chief executive of Lime Pictures
Jimmy McGovern: credits include Cracker, The Lakes and The Street
Mark Herman:  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Brassed Off

During the compact schedule, Bolton University included the launch of ’The Writers Lab’ a writers programme supported by a number of prominent production companies. Head over to Bolton University’s website for full details.

This is a scheme for writers that want to develop their skills working in the industry. Writers will develop an original script as well as learn about team writing and producing. This is an opportunity to really test your skills at the cutting edge.

Whilst attending the various workshops, a single message struck me – scriptwriters need to have their work reviewed.

‘Will you accept my script?’ was the single most asked question. Whilst the responses were always positive, ask yourself how many scripts can one producer review?

Very few I would think – hence producers only use agents when receiving a script. In fact an unsolicited script is frowned upon and will ensure you are not seen any time soon.

Funnily enough agents do not discover talent, so until you’ve made it, an agent will not come knocking on your door. An agent will only contact you when you are successful and not before.

Therefore, to be ahead of the game you must network with industry insiders with access to agents, directors or producers.

Events such as the scriptwriters conference and the writers lab are opportunities you must grab with both hands to ensure your speaking to a decision maker. After all, we all believe we have that killer script inside us, don’t we?

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